EpisodeJust A Moment

Episode 11: Facing Death With Purpose And Courage

Arden Brion

What would you do if told you had just 10 minutes to live?

Imagine learning you had just 10 minutes to live. Who would you want to talk to, and what would you say? Arden Brion heard those words on an out-of-town business trip and had some big decisions to make in what he thought were the last few moments of his life. The calls Arden placed, the choices he made, and the courage he found in those final minutes will inspire you and, hopefully, help you navigate some of those end-of-life conversations we should be planning for and having with people before we’re in a crisis.

The additional photo here is Arden with his wife, Evonne. As hard as it was for Arden to make the call, I can’t imagine what it was like for Evonne to receive it. Their story reminds us how fragile life is—and may help us prepare if ever faced with such a moment.

Arden and Evonne Brion